Welcome to a public relations business like none other! Want your business's profile to rise through the use of the media? We specialize in getting clients on TV, on the web and in print.

We also create videos that showcase your business. Check out more on that here.

We give clients the attention they deserve and with all our years on the TV side of the business our contacts are some of the best in the business.

We specialize in food, health and the fa
mily-friendly arena. Click here to see recent client placements on TV stations such as ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, Fox News Channel, NBC and many print/web outlets as well.

On a personal note I'm a TV anchor/host/reporter turned public relations expert. My years on-camera helped me hone the skills to pitch stories different from most in the field. We know what stories reporters are looking for and have built up a great rolodex of contacts w
ho work at TV stations/shows, newspapers, magazines and on the internet.

As for food clients I'm a culinary school graduate. This means food and health clients feel more at ease knowing that we truly know the topics surrounding food and health inside and out...and know how to market businesses in those fields better than most.
  Cindi Avila

                 My appearances on the Food Network, TLC and more:

                         Some of the spokesperson segments I've done:     



                         Contact: cindi@greengoddesspr.org

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